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Ukraine – The Land of Hospitality


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Tour Code- THPL00039


04 Nights / 05 Days

Stay Plan-



Pre-planned itineraries with fixed transport (departure and return), stay & sightseeing, with only minor changes allowed


Ukraine, country in eastern Europe, and the second largest country in Europe after Russia. Ukraine is bordered on the west by Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary; on the southwest by Romania and Moldova; on the south by the Black Sea and Sea of Azov; on the east and northeast by Russia; and on the north by Belarus. The Crimean Autonomous Republic—encompassing the Crimean Peninsula, or Crimea, in the south—is included in Ukraine's borders. The capital and largest city is Kyiv. Much of Ukraine is a fertile plain suited for agriculture. Ukraine is rich in natural resources, and has a developed economy with significant agricultural and industrial sectors. The country has a democratic form of government headed by a president. From the 9th century AD northern Ukraine was part of Kyivan Rus, the first significant East Slavic state, which succumbed to the Mongol invasions of the 13th century. Ukraine was for centuries thereafter under the rule of a succession of foreign powers, including Poland and the Russian Empire. In 1918 a Bolshevik (Communist) government was established in Ukraine, and in 1922 the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) was one of the four founding republics of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).


  • 04 Nights accommodation in the mentioned Hotel on twin / Double sharing.

  • Daily buffet breakfast at Hotel.

  • English speaking guide.

  • 2 water bottles per day.

  • Rates are net non commissionable.

  • 4 Lunches + 4 Dinners at Indian Restaurants with Transfers.

  • Kyiv Cable railway fees included.

  • Oceanarium Fees Included.

  • All Tours and Transfers on Private Basis.


  • Any Thing Not Mentioned Above.

  • Extra Services in Hotel and Restaurant.

  • Tips to Guides and Drivers.

  • Usage of Mini Bar in the Hotel or other services.

  • Airfare.


A beautiful city with many parks and historical structures, Kyiv is built mostly on hills overlooking the Dnieper. The old section of the city, on the right bank of the river, includes hills surmounted by churches and the ruins of ancient castles and fortifications. The newer quarters, on the left bank, were mostly built after World War II ended in 1945. The city is served by a subway system. Kyiv was one of the foremost religious centers of medieval Europe, and several noteworthy church buildings survive. The most famous of these is the Cathedral of Saint Sophia (also known as the Hagia Sophia of Kyiv; founded early 11th century, largely rebuilt 17th-18th century); the oldest cathedral in Ukraine, it is noted for its frescoes and mosaics. The large Perchersky, or Cave, Monastery (founded early 11th century), known for its catacombs, is one of the most sacred edifices of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Other striking religious structures in the city include the baroque-style 18th-century Church of Saint Andrew and the late 19th-century Cathedral of Saint Vladimir.

Odesa or Odessa (Ukraine), city, south central Ukraine, capital of Odesa Oblast. Located on the Black Sea, the city is the chief trade and fishing port of the country, its harbor kept open in winter by icebreakers. It also is a major manufacturing, railroad, and cultural center and, with its mild climate, a popular resort. Products of the city include refined petroleum, processed food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and clothing. Institutions of higher learning include a university, polytechnic and medical schools, a marine academy, and a music conservatory. The city has several museums and theaters and an opera house. A colony from ancient Greece may have once occupied the site of the city, and Crimean Tatars traded there in the 14th century. Odesa itself was founded in 1794 as a Russian naval fortress on territory annexed from Turkey in 1792. By the early 19th century the Russian settlement had become an important grain-exporting port. During the Crimean War (1853-56), Odesa was bombarded by joint French and British naval forces.

Hotel Envisaged

Subject to change. Please Contact to know details.

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    Cancellation charges:

    90 days prior : Rs.10,000/-

    30-21 days :10% or Rs.10,000/- whichever is higher

    21-15 days :25% or Rs.10,000/- whichever is higher

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    07-01 days :100%

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Flight Detail

  • Subject to Change. Please contact to know the Details.

Visa Detail

  • Visa Requirements-

Detailed Itinerary -


Day 1: Kyiv Welcomes You!

  • Arrival in Kyiv at 12:45 PM.

  • Transfers to Restaurant for Lunch.

  • Transfers to Hotel for Check-in .

  • A stop near the monument to the founders of Ukrainian capital.

  • Three brothers Kyi, Schek and Horiv and their sister Lybid.

  • Check-in to the hotel ft 18:00 PM.

  • Transfer for Dinner at Indian Restaurant at 20:30 PM.

  • Overnight at Hotel.


Day 2: KYIV –A Picturesque City!

  • Breakfast in Hotel 07:00-10:00AM.

  • 10:00 AM Kyiv city Tour with English speaking guide.

  • Independence Square (Maidan), where all major events in the country take place. Maidan Nezalezhnosti, is the central square in Kiev, the main and the most beautiful one.

  • Parades , concerts, festivals and other city arrangements and holidays take place on this square .It contains six fountains, Independence Column and artificial waterfall. The Independence Square has much to offer : the huge building with the tower and chimes, the Trade Union Association Office and other attractions.

  • Khreschatyk –central street of the city, one of the most popular places of public amusement .On weekends the roadway turns into a pedestrian precinct. On the days of official national ceremonies, Khreschatyk together with the Independence Square turns into the main center of festivities in the country.

  • Mihailovsky Cathedral (Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery) – the first temple with a gilded dome, monuments to famous state celebrities: Princess Olga – the first ruler of Kyiv Rus, Bohdan Hmelnytskyi – the first Ukrainian Hetman.

  • The Kyiv funicular (cable railway) is a ride that should be one very tourist’s list of fascinating things to explore. The funicular connects the historic upper to the lower Podil district through the steep hill and gives you the opportunity to explore the breath takingly beautiful scenery of Kyiv and also view the Dnieper River. You can also make nice selfies there. The total gradient of the slope is 36%.

  • Lunch in Indian Restaurant at 13:30 PM

  • 15:00 AM a tour to Obolon Quay- a place where you can feel as if at the sea coast. Remote music is coming from each corner of the bay and even from the water from boats which are patrolling the Dnieper. The air in the bay is filled with barbecue fragrant mixed with scents of expensive perfumes, pop corn, Chinese sticks and beer.There is a beach just a few meters from the bay where people sunbase all day long and then shift their location to the nearest restaurant or disco.

  • Dinner at Indian Restaurant at 18:00 PM .

  • Transfer Back to Hotel at 22:00 PM .

  • Free time at your own.

  • Overnight in hotel.


Day 3: WAR & PEACE Pages of Ukraine!

  • Breakfast in Hotel 07:00-10:00AM.

  • 10:30AM - Transfertothe museum of World War II and the victory symbol - Motherland Monument.

  • The exposition tells about the decisive battles on the Soviet-German front, the military operations in Europe and the Far East, the establishment and activity of the Anti-Hitler Coalition in 1939-1945. Hundreds of thousands of patriots fought in the ranks of the National Liberation Movement against Nazi and Communist dictatorships for freedom and independence of Ukraine. The Ukrainian irreversible casualties range from 8 to 10 million people.

  • Lunch in Indian Restaurant at 14:00 PM

  • 15:00PM - a tour to Outlet village 'Manufactura'- the first outlet shopping centre in Ukraine, architecturally designed in the old North European cities style. There are last season collections of famous brands at permanent discounts from 30% and up to 70%.

  • Transfer to the hotel ft 18:00 PM and Time to Relax a bit.

  • Transfer for Dinner at Indian Restaurant at 20:00 PM .

  • Overnight at Hotel.


Day 4: Kyiv Oceanarium

  • Breakfast in Hotel 07:00-10:00AM.

  • 10 .00 AM visit to Kyiv Oceanarium . Aquarium with jellyfish, fish-thinkers, several dangerous morayeels - all waiting for you in the following gallery of our aquarium. But the amazing sea horses, though descended from the pages of fairy tales. Wise turtle friendly winks from the aquarium . She is very sociable and likes to scratch her back . Some of our residents are funny and colorful clown fish . The most venomous fish in the world - fish and fish-stone dog (puffer fish, a dish of which is the hallmark of Asian cuisine) will be waiting for you in their water homes to impress.

  • Lunch at Indian Restaurant .

  • Transfer to the hotel and Time to Relax a bit.

  • Transfer for Dinner at Indian Restaurant at 20:00 PM.

  • Transfer Back to Hotel at 21:30 PM.

  • Free time at your own.

  • Overnight in hotel.


Day 5: Glad To See You In Ukraine Again!

  • Breakfast in Hotel 07:00-10:00 AM.

  • Check out from Hotel.

  • 13:00 AM Transfer to Airport by bus.

  • 15:30 AM registration in the Airport.

Tentative Itinerary

Please Note: There might be changes to the above-mentioned Itinerary however, smaller might be but it will be aimed to enhance and optimize your experience with us.

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